Smart Harare began life as Harare Municipality Services – a crowdsourcing platform for service delivery in Harare. We have since rebranded as SMART (Service Monitoring and Reporting Tool) Harare. While we’ve added a new website and two new team members, our focus on citizen engagement and grassroots service delivery issues has not changed. Founded as a volunteer effort by concerned citizens, our mission to make a positive impact is driven by the idea that Harare’s welfare is ultimately up to ordinary people.

We collect service delivery reports from the ‘crowd’. Crowdsourcing is the aggregation of crowd-generated information. Due to the proliferation of the internet, smartphones and computers it is possible to collect large amounts of reliable information in real-time. So in plain terms, you can (without much effort) tell us and the rest of Harare about that nasty pothole just outside your gate, or the fact that your main source of water is contaminated or non-functional. For details on how to use our platform please visit our help page.

We do not fix potholes! We are an information service based on the premise that reliable and open data on service delivery can help to galvanize communities to be involved and facilitate good relationships with elected officials. We believe in the principle of open data – that some information must be freely and easily available for everyone to use as they see fit. Our database is open to all – in reality it is ‘our’ data in the sense that it belongs to all Hararians. We work hand in hand with City Council and encourage you to do so as well.

Please tell your friends about this site and encourage them to file reports. We want hear your comments and suggestions to improve what we are doing.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead – Take Part!


We made use of the following icons from the Noun Project: RSS by Timothy Miller, Book by Imogen Oh, Clipboard by Kid A, Map by Martin Vanco, Children by Gan Khoon Lay, Health by MRFA, Government Building by Chacha Sikes, Magnifying Glass by Fraser Ferguson, people by useiconic.com, report by AlfredoCreates.com/Icons, and confusion by Margaret Hagan.