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Welcome to the new look SMART Harare website! The place where you can report burst water pipes, dirty tap water, potholes and other issues to your local officials. We’ve added an information section so you can find out everything you need to be an informed resident.

We’ve upgraded to the FixMyStreet platform which has many exciting features. Now you can more easily update reports you make. Create a profile to keep track of all your reports and sign up for local alerts in your ward. Get started by making a report today! After you do that make sure to check out our downloads where you can see our stats from 2017 and download our reports database.

Confused IconSo how does this work again?

We’re not the city council. We are a non-profit association of residents who believe in the power of technology to help create a better city. When you report a burst water pipe or other problem on our platform it gets sent automatically to your Councillor and city officials. Your report is stored in our database so you can easily update it as the situation changes. You can also see all problems reported in your neighbourhood and assess the performance of your local authorities. Find out more on our help page.

Confused IconEveryday is your chance to make this City a little better

Our theme this month is focused on small efforts by residents to improve our city. It’s time to bring the sunshine back to our city. Follow us on Facebook to keep updated on our monthly campaigns.

Open Data IconOpen Data

We believe in open data. All reports made on the SMART platform are available for download to residents, local government, academia and civil society. You can view a map of current reports on our platform or download historical data.

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Contact Numbers

SMART Harare
+ 263 785 292 087 WhatsApp Logo

City of Harare Call Centre
+ 263 4 750 665, 771 551
+ 263 4 772 593, 750 667

Town House
+ 263 4 781 810 – 16
+ 263 4 752 577 – 9
+ 263 774 823 230 WhatsApp Logo

Rowan Martin
+ 263 4 753 000 – 19

Harare Water
+ 263 4 700 087

Waste Management
+ 263 4 770 339

Fire & Ambulance
+ 263 4 783 981-4

Metropolitan Police
+ 263 4 751 896 / 20